Enhanced Concealed Carry

This section is for information regarding our Enhanced Concealed Carry & Class Schedule
Click reserve at the bottom of this page to reserve a spot for our enhanced concealed carry classes.


We are scheduling our first Enhanced Concealed Carry class at our ranges on

Saturday, June 9th starting at 9am

Classes after June 9th will be every other Saturday in each month.  For our enhanced classes, you must reserve a spot to attend. If you would like reserve a spot please give us a visit at our gun range at the address below or give us a call at 479-474-3434 for details.

The Enhanced Concealed Carry class costs $150 and includes a free One Year Range Membership. If you refer someone to this enhanced class, we will extend your range membership by one year.

This is a longer class so we will be providing a light lunch but you are welcome to bring your own food and snacks as well.

With a “regular” CHCL, licensees are subject to numerous “Prohibited Places”. The Enhanced CHCL gives you the ability to carry and possess a concealed handgun in more locations.  Those locations include:

  • Publicly owned buildings and facilities
  • State Capitol grounds and the State Capitol Building
  • Any meeting place of the governing body of any governmental entity
  • Any meeting place of the General Assembly or a committee of the General Assembly
  • Any state office
  • Athletic events
  • A portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises
  • A portion of an establishment where beer or light wine is consumed on the premises
  • Inside the passenger terminal of an airport
  • Any church or other place of worship
  • Any place where a parade or demonstration requiring a permit is being held, even when the licensee is a participant in the parade or demonstration.
  • The buildings and grounds of a public university, college, or community college.


Please be prepared by bringing:

  • 150-300 rounds of ammunition for your handgun
  • Eye protection and ear protection
  • A pen or pencil
  • Arkansas State Issued Photo ID

You must complete the standard Arkansas Concealed Carry Course before taking the Enhanced Concealed Carry Course.

Class size is limited so please contact us ahead of time to ensure we have availability.



The class is approximately 8 hours long.  A maximum of 2 hours will be spent on the range.  Five to six hours will be spent in the classroom covering: 

  • Arkansas Law – ACA §§ 5-73-101 to 325 and all significant changes to these chapters as they occur
  • The terms of an Enhanced License, including the rights and responsibilities of an Enhanced License holder and all locations where the carry of concealed firearms remains prohibited
  • Self-Defense under Arkansas law, the use of deadly physical force, the subchapter of Arkansas Code on “Justification” (ACA §§ 5-2-601 to -622), and the potential criminal penalties that may be imposed when the use of deadly physical force is not justified
  • Techniques for weapon retention
  • General civil liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from use of a firearm
  • Emergent situations in public locations, including the proper response to law enforcement and the duty to avoid injury to innocent bystanders
  • Issues related to campus carry, including, but not limited to:
    • Responsibility of the licensee to know and obey the campus’s weapons policies
    • Distinction between “possession” of a firearm, which is permissible, and “storage” which is not permissible and
    • Requirement to carry concealed and potential penalties for violation
  • Other considerations for enhanced carry, including but not limited to:
    • Dangers of carrying or deploying a firearm in proximity to hazardous materials;
    • Possible ramifications of alcohol use while in possession of a firearm and
    • Identification as an Enhanced License holder in contact with law enforcement
  • Other options beyond using Deadly Physical Force – Non Violent Dispute Resolution


The applicant must complete a live-fire proficiency qualification and obtain a score of 35/50 or 70% overall.  The instructor may permit the applicant to refire the course three (3) times.  If the applicant fails to obtain the required score after three (3) attempts at shooting the course, the instructor must wait ninety (90) days prior to allowing the applicant to re-take the enhanced training course.  The fundamentals of the live-fire course are as follows:


1.       Stage 1: 3 yard line – 20 Rounds

a.       5 shots fired in a “one shot exercise” – 2 seconds allowed for each shot;

b.      10 shots fired in a “two shot exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each 2 shot sequence;

c.       5 shots fired in 10 seconds;

2.       Stage 2: 7 yard line – 20 rounds

a.       5 shots fired in 10 seconds

b.      5 shots fired in 2 stages

i.      2 shots fired in 4 seconds;

ii.      3 shots fired in 6 seconds;

c.       5 shots fired in a “one shot exercise” – 3 seconds allowed for each shot;

d.      5 shots fired in 15 seconds

3.       Stage 3:  15 yard line – 10 rounds

a.       5 shots fired in 2 stages:

i.      2 shots fired in 6 seconds

ii.      3 shots fired in 9 seconds

b.      5 shots fired in 15 seconds


All shooting is from the “ready” position.


The target utilized will be a B-27 target.  The shooter will be scored “hit” or “miss.”  A successful hit will be scored if the round fired cuts the line of the 7 ring or is within the 7 ring of the B-27 target.