Concealed Carry Information

This section is for information regarding our Concealed Carry Class & Schedule.
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We schedule our concealed carry class at our range every Wednesday & Saturday starting at 9am. Please be here at 8:30am to process you for our class.

For our enhanced carry classes & Wednesday concealed carry classes, you must reserve a spot to attend. If you would like reserve a spot, please give us a visit at our gun range at the address below or give us a call at 479-474-3434 for details.

The concealed carry class costs $150 and includes a free one year range membership as well as our enhanced concealed carry classes. If you refer someone to this enhanced class, we will extend your range membership by one year.

Click Below for PDF Containing Arkansas 2018 CHCL Rules

CHAPTER 13. Training Requirement for Concealed Handgun Carry License

Rule 13.0 Training requirements upon initial application
    (a) A person shall, prior to submitting an initial application for a concealed handgun carry license, successfully complete a Department approved firearm safety training program. 

The training must be conducted and attested to by a registered Firearms Safety Training Instructor as defined in these Rules. 

The program shall consist of a minimum of five (5) hours of instruction on the following topics:

        (1) Administrative matters, including the application process and explanation of criteria for passing the course;
        (2) Avoiding victimization;
        (3) Laws regarding use of a handgun;
        (4) Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing laws and Rules;
        (5) Encounters with law enforcement;
        (6) Inspection of the handgun;
        (7) Types of handguns;
        (8) Ammunition;
        (9) Cleaning and storage of a handgun;
        (10) Carrying “concealed;”
        (11) Classroom preparation for range instruction.

    (b) The required training for an initial license may be completed at any time within six (6) months prior to the Department’s receipt of a properly completed application packet. 

    (c) The applicant must successfully demonstrate proficiency with the use of a
handgun on the firing range by “live-fire.”
    (d) An instructor may not provide his or her own training certification for his or
her own Arkansas concealed handgun carry license initial application.
    (e) A valid, current firearm safety training instructor registration issued by the
Department may be substituted as the training requirement for an initial concealed handgun carry license.